At Cat Alley - We have strived to bring you a wonderful and quality selection of items for your home, your pet and you. Through close contact with many artists, many of our products are one of a kind and offer high quality and value.

Although it isn't possible for you to browse through the Alley in person, you have come to the right place. Here you will find a prime selection of the most wonderfully handcrafted, feline-inspired works of art, jewelry, gifts and treasures to be found.   We are always happy to answer any inquiry about our products and services or consider any new additions or requests.

Owner/operator Gail Rossi, originally from Philadelphia, has always been owned by at least a cat or two or four, and prides herself on an uncanny ability to bring together a most unique collection of fabulous feline fantasia. Full of whimsy and color, the cats of CAT ALLEY are sure to make every catophile purr with delight. Here you will discover something to fit every budget, every taste, every occasion, and even that purrfect something for Dear Aunt Kitty!

For information or telephone orders,
please let us know how we can be of service.
Telephone - (505) 948-0525

I will be looking for your enquiries.   I have my two helpers but please bear with me, Sage and J.J. are still in training.

And they take a LOT of breaks!

They found a pillow and just HAVE to share!

They really do sleep with their arms around each other, and lick each other sleepily when they melts my heart!!!

Having grown quite a bit, they are maturing... They especially like to help me on laundry day.

Hanging around together is pretty normal.

Sage says the world looks different upside-down.

J.J. is perfecting the art of side-ways stretching.

Sage tests how much rug she can occupy.

Ever the hunter, J.J. has spied "something"...
real or imagined, he WILL pounce!

Sage will watch from afar and encourage J.J. on.

This is Jessie, my precious old tortie who lived like a queen in Philadelphia with her wonderful dad/servant! Fragile but spry, smart and mischievous. Jessie was rescued from the streets of Philadelphia and adopted from The Morris Animal Refuge when she was 6 weeks old. She lived more than 21 glorious years, and was our little Miracle Girl. She had a rare form of pneumonia when she was 6 months old and we thought we might lose her then, but all these bonus years later, we are thankful for the long, happy, healthy life she had, and the great joy that she brought. Jessie passed away naturally and peacefully on 12/27/10, and will be sorely missed (understatement) and treasured in our hearts forever...Rest in peace, sweet Angel...


My late friend, Sagami

My little Sage.

And the latest addition, J.J.
Alas, kittens no longer...

Here I am in the company of my friends Takina (female German Sheperd)
and Patch (male, part Chow and part Aussie Sheperd)

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